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Mainly a FullStack Developer, a Javascript Engineer with PHP in my Heart and Swoole is Love in it, Python trying to be my Second Wife, a Programmer and a Graphic Designer. More than 23+ years of playing around the Computer & Systems. Really enjoy Q/A on SO but hardly find enough time to do so.

Programming Languages & Scriptings

PHP, Python, Javascript Engineering, Lua, Laravel, Node.js, Java, C#, ASP.net,
Hybrid App Development, HTML, CSS, ReactPHP, Restful APIs, Vue, Tailwind

Asynchronous, Event-Driven, Multi-Threaded & Routine based scripting in PHP

Socket Programming with Swoole, Ratchet & Node.js, Multiplexing Streams 
with WebSocket-/-HTTP2/3 QUIC Protocols and Real-Time Communication via WebRTC

Currently furnishing Python mainly for AI & ML along with Data Science

Developed many Component based Javascript Libraries (& made them Open-Source for others) 
for User Interfaces with many ready to embed components

Encryption & Diffie–Hellman (DH) Algorithm for Secure Data Sharing & Transfers.

Search & Memory Engines

Redis - Bitmaps, Hyperlogs, Streams, Geospatial indexes, Hashes, List, Sets, Sorted Sets
ElasticSearch - Logstash - Kibana (ELK Stack)
Solr - ZooKeeper

SQL, NoSQL & Embedded Databases

Mirroring In-Memory/RDBMS Data, Clustering & Replication
Triggers, Stored Procedures, Views, Joins & Performance Optimized Queries for Data Science

Cloud Computing

AWS EC2, Lightsail, RDS, ElasticCache, Elemental Media Transcoder, S3, CloudFront, 
DocumentDB, Serverless Architecture and others

Message Broker, Queue Manager & Pub/Sub Systems

Redis & Kafka


Reverse Proxy, Load Balancing, CSP Policies, Forward Secrecy, Protocol Management, 
Caching, Compressions, CORS Headers & Strictly Securing Servers and optimize for Best Performance
Swoole, Nginx, Apache & Node

System Design & Architecture

Clustering, Load Balancing & Proxies Management

Some Additional Tools

Babel, Webpack, Github, Docker

Servers & OSs

Linux, Linux Server Management, Hardening Security, Windows, Mac

Graphics Designing & CADing

Abobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Audition, 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD

Some Others

Advance Excel, Quickbooks, Busy Accounting, 3D Home Designer, Inpage
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