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Nick Gammon
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I have been programming for many years now learning, and then forgetting, many languages (eg. Forth, NEAT/3, LISP, Fortran).

Recently I have been working on MUD (multi-user dungeon) games, doing both a Windows client called MUSHclient (which also runs under Wine on Mac / Linux) and support for MUD-game servers, including adding Lua scripting.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of Lua, which is extremely useful for embedded scripting, plus small to medium-scale tasks.

I have rekindled my interest in electronics, born in the days of being a teenager, working with the old "valve" amplifiers. Nowadays with transistors and micro-controllers, such as the Arduino.

I also develop my own web pages, including my own forum software on my website.

My Electronics and microprocessors posts are intended as reference material for things like interrupts, timers, low-power usage, and related material.

I am a moderator on The Arduino Forum.

I am providing technical support for the Heidelberg Historical Society as a volunteer.

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