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8 votes

How do I ask a good question on how to do something with software?

Be specific about what you want We can’t help you if we do not know what you want to achieve. The following can help us: Show us what you got so far and tell us what you want to be different. Sketch ...
6 votes

How should the canned comments in the low-quality queue be used?

TL;DR: The canned comments are really just what you see; there is no hidden function. Use them only when they really apply and provide useful guidance. What does it do? If you choose a comment from ...
6 votes

Why was my answer recommending a font-identification service deleted?

While we appreciate your attempt to help, allowing such answers would lead to a lot of problems in the long run, due to reasons that are admittedly not obvious: We have strict requirements for font-...
6 votes

What are our current policies and guidelines for closing questions?

General rules of thumb Closure is primarily about preventing answers, not about punishing bad or lazy questions (downvotes can do this). Before you vote to close a question, always ask yourself what ...
3 votes

How should we deal with multiple questions per question?

When are multiple questions a problem? A few rules of thumb: Questions should only be asked together if their answers (if asked separately) can be expected to strongly overlap. Otherwise, they ...
1 vote

A list of 'snippets' for commenting

These are the canned comments available from the Low Quality Posts review queue (useful if you want to use these outside of review)... This is commentary on another post, not an answer This does ...

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