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11 votes

Chat room for spam coordination

From recent chat I think the main concern was that posts being flagged and destroyed via Smoke Detector (which never happens without some human interaction btw; I believe there's only ever a max of 3 ...
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Do the variations in avatar size indicate the length of message in a chat?

I see only two variations (there's an even larger image when you hover over them, or visit the user's chat profile), but this is intentional, and it indeed depends on the length of the messages; ...
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2 votes

Does Graphic Design have a chat room?

Yep, it's called The Ink Spot! There are also some others including The Spam Blot so users can see what is auto-flagged by the Smoke Detector The Looking Glass for showing off your work and having ...
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Chat bots missing profile images

This should be fixed, let me know in a comment if the images are the correct ones.
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