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Why can't I start a second bounty on a question offering less rep than the first bounty?

This is done to prevent (potential) abuse. Unfortunately, you're not given the benefit of the doubt in this case and forced to increase your offer. Here's the explanation on MSE: As noted by Robert,...
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Will unmarking an answer as accepted remove a rep reward?

If you have a better method then there is absolutely nothing wrong with posting an answer and accepting that instead, just as there would be nothing wrong with changing the accepted answer if you had ...
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Why 24 hours to award a bounty?

The 24 hours period for awarding bounties is designed mainly to attract attention to a question, rather than recognizing someone's great answer. This is why there is a waiting period, it's because of ...
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Will unmarking an answer as accepted remove a rep reward?

The 250 points were from a bounty awarded by someone else and doesn't effect the bounty receiver as the boutier would have been the one to reward it. It's always great to leave an answer helping ...
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