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Changing how we handle low-effort and tutorial-on-demand questions

I have concluded that the answer to my earlier meta question about closing questions is 'yes, we are closing too many questions'. Anyone who has seen the Close Vote queue lately will agree that a lot ...
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What to do with tutorial requests? -- part II

As a sequel to my earlier question Changing how we handle low-effort and tutorial-on-demand questions, I'd like to ask some opinions on the current state of the site. In my humble opinion, low-effort ...
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Revisiting closure, part 2: What are good motivations for closure?

What is this and why does it need to be discussed? An illustrative example Consider the following discussion on the closure of a question: User A: I am voting to close this question as a ...
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Are we closing too many questions?

Related: Why is everything suddenly too broad? Somewhat shortly, I hope to acquire my next 'Steward' badge; for casting close votes. This wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have the feeling that I ...
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6 votes
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What are our current policies and guidelines for closing questions?

I can cast close votes and perform close and reopen reviews. What are the current community policies for this and are some rules of thumb that can help me make a decision? This is primarily intended ...
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How should we deal with multiple questions per question?

In particular new users sometimes ask a question that contains multiple subquestions which are better off as separate questions. How can we identify when such a question is too broad? How should ...
10 votes
8 answers

Revisiting closure, part 1: Preliminaries

Background How we close or don’t close questions is a long-standing problem: The close queue is comparably full, which means that questions that should be closed may get closed too late or not at ...
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How should the process for mods reopening a question differ?

Recently "When to use photos or illustrations in design?" (image of closed question here for historical reference) was closed by 5 high rep (for GD.SE) users including myself for being too opinion ...
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