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The 'Voters' page of the Users section om Meta is buggy

I was checking out the voting totals on the Users part of the Meta site, inspired by this question. Turns out that the 'all' tab is the only tab that still displays anything. I sincerely don't believe ...
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2 answers

Rudeness, sarcasms, insults, and being nice with new users [duplicate]

TLDR: Learn to communicate. Be nice. Avoid personal insults and abuse. If you can't, why are you here wasting time "helping" people? Flag personal attacks, useless sarcasm, insults; don't be a ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Tag Project for the site

I am one man on the dark side that cannot take this rebellion task alone. Regularly through my GD.SE life I prefer a question to have more than one tag. I would like to encourage site members to ...
10 votes
3 answers

Is this site really about graphic design?

Reviewing the last question posted, the people around ask more about tools and application than actual questions on graphic design. Questions about readying a final art, layout, typography composition ...
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