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Question Naming Issues

For the first time in a while I opened the GD newsletter email and was dismayed to find that the second "Top New Question" this week is need help with logo. It's 7 days old and was last edited 6 days ...
5 votes
4 answers

Do people read Tags before the question body?

In SE in general, we don't have intros or sigs. It's streamlined and lean, focusing on just the content. When I post a question that has a major brand-name product tag like adobe-illustrator do I ...
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3 answers

When editing a question, is it good to change 'How can I..' in a title to 'How to..'? [closed]

'can I' are redundant words when they can be replaced with just 'to'. It's important in titles because they should be as succinct as possible. Two words in a single post don't really make a ...
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5 answers

Should titles be phrased as questions?

My opinion is that titles should be phrased as questions at all times. Simply because it's a Q&A site. We are currently taking different paths with edits in many cases. It's still working out ...