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Revisiting closure, part 3.1: Drawing the line for tech support

TL;DR Read the suggestion. If you agree with it, upvote. Otherwise, downvote and complain or suggest amendments in an answer. Preface I thought a bit about how to discuss tech support once more ...
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What do we want to be off-topic as Tech Support? [duplicate]

This question has at the time of posting this 2 close votes for Tech Support: How to OTF export the font I created in Indyfont? Here's an assortment of similar questions regarding Export: https://...
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Creating a "Graphic Design Software Support" Stack

Most of the community here is in agreement that "How do I do X basic thing in Program?" questions are not what we're here for. (The line between "basic" and "moderate" is blurry, but that's for ...
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Revisiting closure, part 3.3: Close reason(s) to replace “tech support”

Main question As there is consensus on refining our scope with respect to tech support, the next step is to rephrase the respective close reason accordingly. As we have one free slot for a custom ...
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