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PSA: Please do not edit spam

We sometimes get somewhat on-topic questions or on-question answers that contain a link that is completely unrelated to the question or blatantly shoehorned in. Please do not edit these questions to ...
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I have an answer to a question I've seen on here but I do not have enough reputation points to answer

So I have an answer to a question which I 100% understand as I was having the same problem as the poster of the question. I'm unable to put up a reply because I don't have enough reputation points. A ...
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Why can't I view my own deleted questions

I am wondering why I can't view my deleted questions. On some of the other sites I can view them under my profile, by clicking on a link under the list of all the questions I posted on the site. ...
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Would asking about Pantone color types and difference would be off topic?

When you search any code using this, it shows 2 types of results. I don't understand them. Can I ask this question on GD SE?
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Trying to put an image in my question and cannot

I have a photo which I can't seem to paste into here using the image icon in the editing menu. I'm not sure why that is. I have seen someone else do that here. Before I proceed I need to solve this ...
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