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GD.SE site behavior and the future

There have been some issues of site behavior and in an attempt the mods tried to be diplomatic, commutative, and reach out to people to solve issues and give guidance but this has appeared not to work....
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How to embed screen capture videos as animated gifs in answers?

Reading If we wanted to write tutorials or explanations for work done how would we go about doing that? I saw a discussion of how to embed videos in answers. We don't do video, but we can have ...
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How do I ask a good question on how to do something with software?

I need help solving some graphic-design problem with software. What do I have to keep in mind to help the community to help me and get useful answers? This is a FAQ intended to be linked in the help ...
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What are our current policies and guidelines for closing questions?

I can cast close votes and perform close and reopen reviews. What are the current community policies for this and are some rules of thumb that can help me make a decision? This is primarily intended ...
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How should we deal with multiple questions per question?

In particular new users sometimes ask a question that contains multiple subquestions which are better off as separate questions. How can we identify when such a question is too broad? How should ...
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PSA: Please do not edit spam

We sometimes get somewhat on-topic questions or on-question answers that contain a link that is completely unrelated to the question or blatantly shoehorned in. Please do not edit these questions to ...
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Why can't I simply vote to close as belonging on other SE site.. but not meta?

Vote to close..... Off Topic... Belongs on other Stack Exchange network.... I get this.... Question is not meta related. Actually I think the question belongs on stackoverflow. Notice I can't ...
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How should the canned comments in the low-quality queue be used?

When I review answers in the low-quality queue and choose Delete or Recommend Deletion, respectively, I can choose from a series of comments or No comment needed. What effect do they have and when ...
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2 answers

What would be an appropriate use of HTML or CSS tag

If code implementation is off topic in this community, then what would be suitable question regarding HTML or CSS? because the tags exist... What are HTML and CSS tags all about?
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Too Much Spam :(

Recently in GDSE the spam increased a lot; there is company or person who is spamming about keto diet all the time; I flagged and downvoted a lot but isn't there any other way to stop this?
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Target downvotes: informations on my profile

In this question I would to know what are all, kindly, the links to get the informations on my profile. For example these are related on TeX.SE.Meta
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