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Bold and italic no longer possible to make

The use of bold and italic has lost its meaning in the main and meta site. You get text but bold and italic are no longer any different from the main text. This seems to be a bug! This should be ...
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Bullet formatting

Is there any way of tightening up the bullet formatting when using nested/indented bullets? For instance, this post uses levels of indenting to emphasise a point, but seems to lose a bit of the ...
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Unable to "Recommend Close" a VLQ question I've flagged

I flagged to close a question and then found the same question in the Low Quality review queue. I expected to be able to open up the close modal and it recognize that I've flagged it already and count ...
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Organizer badge for a question I didn't retag

I just got an organizer badge for a question I didn't retag. Looking at the question's edit history, it shows me as having changed a tag. All I did was update a link. This is a rather peculiar bug.
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Description of tags on the tag page does not always start at the beginning

While I was looking through the popular tag page I noticed some inconsistent behaviour of the descriptive text below the tag. For example: The adobe-fireworks tag looks like this: This matches ...
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Can't vote to close what was closed then reopened

Scenario.... Poor or unclear question is voted to close.. it gets closed. User edits question to a more suitable form and question is reopened. Through comments, it's clear the question is off ...
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Migration options showing only

After I tried to flag one question (although in the end it is not necessary), I get on the following screen in the flag popup: The only option I see in Flagging -> Closing -> Off-Topic -> ...
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Not receiving Chat notifications in main menu bar

I remember back a few months ago when I was really into the SciFi&Fantassy SE site, there would be constant notifications when someone would ping you or mention your name. When I left the site ...
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Downvotes with explanations

It would be nice if we have some reason oriented down it possible to get something similar when we close/flag questions, because there are so many new user putting there question & they ...
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"# more to go" notification text (when typing comments) is not descriptive enough

I went to leave a comment on a post just now and had the message "5 more to go". It took me a little while to understand what it was referring to but realised it meant characters after a few minutes. ...
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If I don't have tag wiki editing privileges, I shouldn't be asked to approve the edit I just did, eh?

I edited the Tag Wiki to insert some info about InDesign. Not having edit privileges in the Tag Wiki, I got the expected message that the edit would have to be approved. I was surprised, then, when ...
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permissions - slacken rule for sites in beta?

Asking questions on the newer stackexchange sites, such as this one, has been rather frustrating for me because the tags I would like to use are simply not there yet. For now, I have just forgone ...
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