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What to do with tutorial requests? -- part II

As a sequel to my earlier question Changing how we handle low-effort and tutorial-on-demand questions, I'd like to ask some opinions on the current state of the site. In my humble opinion, low-effort ...
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Why was this question migrated to Anime and Manga?

This question was recently migrated to Anime and Manga Story-telling technique where the drawing style briefly gets much simpler? however i am not sure why is was migrated to the question and answer ...
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Should questions ask for softwarerec whose answers are about tutorial be edited to reflect the new tone?

What word processing tools that can work with complicate text boxing? This question initially asks for software-recommendation. But one and a half answers give tutorial for doing the task in Word. ...
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"What software was used for this"-questions and how to deal with them

We have had a number of questions lately asking what application was used for X (here and here for example). While it's true that getting the answer may help some people to make a choice, I have ...
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Question Naming Issues

For the first time in a while I opened the GD newsletter email and was dismayed to find that the second "Top New Question" this week is need help with logo. It's 7 days old and was last edited 6 days ...
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Are questions regarding print production suited for GDSE?

I am wondering whether questions regarding certain aspects of the actual physical production of a graphic design product are suited to be asked on GDSE. By that I not merely mean print production - ...
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I can't view any posts on GDSE today

I was browsing, as I usually do, answering, commenting, etc. I'll admit, I'm working on a badge that involves a lot of voting, so I've been trying to view as many questions/answers as possible, up ...
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Are AutoCAD usage questions on topic here?

Are AutoCAD usage questions on topic here? The CAD proposal didn't pick up steam and was closed.
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Why can't I start a second bounty on a question offering less rep than the first bounty?

I added a bounty for 400r to this question last week and awarded it a few days ago: Methods for improving color choice and combinations? Today I was going to start another bounty to reward another ...
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When editing a question, is it good to change 'How can I..' in a title to 'How to..'? [closed]

'can I' are redundant words when they can be replaced with just 'to'. It's important in titles because they should be as succinct as possible. Two words in a single post don't really make a ...
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Should titles be phrased as questions?

My opinion is that titles should be phrased as questions at all times. Simply because it's a Q&A site. We are currently taking different paths with edits in many cases. It's still working out ...
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Asking a question where there's a duplicate with lots of answers that don't answer the question

So I asked a question which is basically a duplicate of another question - but none of the answers to that other question answer the question. Confused? I am. What should I do? The other answers are ...
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Why do we allow 3D questions again?

3D questions are piling up. It is no longer believable by askers that 3d questions are not our thing. We have too many of them. The fact is that we are not really equipped to handle them at this time, ...
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How should we deal with questions that border on illegal activity (ID Fraud)

So with this question being the example I wonder how we should deal with it? The OP may well have entirely innocent intentions with their purpose for changing details and images on an I.D but ...
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How broad are you willing to allow questions to be in order to promote more interesting question content?

A discussion of more interesting question content I enjoy the deep, difficult questions in Graphic Design. As is obvious in the question lists, Graphic Design is largely used as "Adobe Help Center", ...
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Is this site really about graphic design?

Reviewing the last question posted, the people around ask more about tools and application than actual questions on graphic design. Questions about readying a final art, layout, typography composition ...
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Proposal to update the FAQ

We've had various discussions about the FAQ and the scope of GD.SE. Based on the feedback and what's been voted up, specifically this one about idea gathering, this one about better defining, this one ...
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Should we migrate the "how to" questions to Super User rather than simply closing them?

"How to" questions may not be what we want here, but they still show that someone has a need and I really don't want to simply close them. After looking through Super User's accepted (i.e., not ...
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