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Do we want 3D people to be part of our GDSE community? [duplicate]

My question to GDSE Meta has been greatly simplified per Ryan's input: Do we want 3D people to be part of our GDSE community?
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Rudeness, sarcasms, insults, and being nice with new users [duplicate]

TLDR: Learn to communicate. Be nice. Avoid personal insults and abuse. If you can't, why are you here wasting time "helping" people? Flag personal attacks, useless sarcasm, insults; don't be a ...
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Ensure that guidelines for critique and font-identification questions (and similar) are highly visible to new users

The more often important guidelines are mentioned and linked, the more likely a new user is to read them before posting a question, which in turn makes it much more likely that the user actually ...
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How to curb self-promotion without scaring new users away?

Related to this old question but less obvious: how do we handle (new) users who self-promote in almost every post? I can imagine that aggressive marketeers have the (unconscious) habit of putting ...
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