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Why was my comment of helpful resources removed?

I was going to answer this question but it was closed by PieBie for being off topic. That's fine, but I commented some resources that would be helpful to the OP regardless. The comment was along the ...
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2 answers

I'm British should I stop flagging?

Where I am from in Britain, we are sensitive to everything. Based on my culture I flag a lot of posts. However, many of the people who are responsible for determining if my flags are applicable or ...
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7 votes
5 answers

Inconsistency in question closing moderation

I didn't realize it at the time, but looking back at the list of questions I have asked in the past, I can see that the same type of question, which are only different in regard to the variables, have ...
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Moderating criteria, acording to the moderating criteria

1) I know you guys are the expert in moderating your forum and I am sure you have seing this question thousands of times
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Why are comments repeatedly removed?

I've noticed quite a trend over the past few months. While not meant for long discussions, occasionally the comments for a question/answer can extend into 10-20 comments. I see this is often a ...
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