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Please respect image copyright

Please do your best to not infringe on others’ copyright, in particular watermarked photos from sites such as iStock or Shutterstock. If you’re asking about how an image is made, you should be ...
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Are answers in images OK?

I've noticed a few recently... Answers that are completely within images. I'm not talking about an image of the result of the answer but an actual tutorial-type answer—text and multiple steps included—...
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Can we get SVG support? Do we need it?

Now that the logo is SVG, any chance we can get an option to post svg images. In many cases this would make life much easier. Is the problem related somehow to the open ended nature of SVG itself? ...
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What is the most efficient way to create screenshots for answers on PC?

When replying to technical questions, I find that screenshots do the work so well for beginners. Then again, when I realize I should probably include screenshots to make my answer clearer, answering ...
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Should we adopt <kbd> borders for images that blend into the post?

I recently ready a couple of posts on the SO Meta site about adding borders to images. See Highlighting border for images and How to make images stand out when posting images with whitespace?. There ...
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Is imgur having problems?

Are you experimenting problems viewing and uploading images imgur this days? I want to know if it is a local thing with me or we are all having issues.
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How to include image or diagrams in this page?

Since I am new to this forum, I have not much idea about framing the questions of right sort to this group? Moreover, I am unable to upload images in this page along with the question text. As I am ...
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Unable to add image

This is my first time posting, so the answer is probably obvious, but I can't find it in the help do I add an image to an answer? When I click the image icon and browse to the image, it ...
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Trying to put an image in my question and cannot

I have a photo which I can't seem to paste into here using the image icon in the editing menu. I'm not sure why that is. I have seen someone else do that here. Before I proceed I need to solve this ...
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