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Linking to files

This: Illustrator: transparent shapes used as highlights are visible Is a bad precedent to set.. While I fully understand the desire to be helpful, I think it's a slippery slope to allow questions ...
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What is our stance on link-only questions?

At times we get questions that depend on some external website or image, e.g., this one and this one. What is our stance on these? Should depending on a link be a sufficient reason for closing? Do we ...
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How to handle link-rot

This question (and probably others) have a link that is no longer valid and not linking to the file/website/example it should be. Should there be a close reason added for such a thing? Since the ...
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Anchor position does not take top bar into account

Since a few days, it occurs to me that when I click a time tag to jump straight to a(n) (new) answer, that the position of the anchor is wrong. As in, the anchor does put the answer on top of my ...
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Inline images prevented due to min. 6 chars requirement

In some cases I feel inlining an image in OP is a better way to faster see a problem instead of having to read, then click on a link, then go back. New posters don't have the option of inserting ...
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Unformatted hyperlinks appearing a lot more often?

Is there a reason why many users have started including links in their raw, unformatted form? I see them in a lot of questions and answers lately. I don't know the official policy on this, but they ...
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