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Italic and bold don't work [duplicate]

How to "italicize" a word in an italic paragraph? That question doesn't italicize the words right from the edit panel, yet the bullets work. Why is that? Test: italic, bold
6 votes
1 answer

Should we use code-blocks (not for code)

I'm wondering if it makes more sense to use code blocks in an answer to make it easier to read and help separate from the instruction to the reasoning etc. As in "This can be solved using method XYZ ...
7 votes
4 answers

Should we adopt <kbd> borders for images that blend into the post?

I recently ready a couple of posts on the SO Meta site about adding borders to images. See Highlighting border for images and How to make images stand out when posting images with whitespace?. There ...
3 votes
3 answers

Bullet formatting

Is there any way of tightening up the bullet formatting when using nested/indented bullets? For instance, this post uses levels of indenting to emphasise a point, but seems to lose a bit of the ...
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Bug: <kbd> causing text overflow and cutoff on mobile site?

I just came across an answer that is overflowing my screen and is cutoff. It was fine before a recent edit in which the poster used the <kbd> formatting to markup some instructions. I suspect ...