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What are the requirements for font identification questions?

I have a font that I would like help identifying. How should I construct my question to fit within this site's format?
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4 answers

Do we want tag alerts for font-identification and critique questions and how should they be worded?

This is a follow up to this question, where we got offered the opportunity of creating special tag alerts for font-identification and critique questions. Tag alerts are special, tag-specific info ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Moving forward with font identification questions

Now that activity on the recent discussion has died down, the moderation team has decided to move forward with the strict enforcement of requirements for any font identification questions. Since there ...
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11 votes
11 answers

Is it time to disallow font id questions?

The follow-up to this question can be found here: Moving forward with font identification questions Just curious to know the thoughts of the font-identification questions and if they really benefit ...
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12 votes
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Be kind, show a preview of the font

When answering a question with a font link please take the time and make a quality answer. Remember we are visual people! A link only answer with no further details will be removed if the link goes ...
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