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Questions tagged [feature-request]

You have an idea for a new feature, or for a change to the existing functionality.

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7 votes
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Should the "close" link be changed?

Nothing is closed any longer. Things are put on hold. Shouldn't the "close" link be changed to "hold"? Is this even important? I know if I were a new user and saw votes to hold rather than votes to ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Redesign Request: ASK QUESTION Rollover / Hover State

The button for "ASK QUESTION" while appears to be working is incredibly subtle in my opinion. Not really a bug but if it could be a bit more obvious like when you rollover the tags I think it would be ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Helping New Contributors to understand how the answers work

Looking for answers about a New Contributor who asked upvotes for his question, I fell into this question in Meta: Is it "ethical" to ask upvote the answer if the author of the question ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Does the site have internal "engine" to scale Retina images?

There is a frequent issue with retina screenshots - they looks huge because of their resolution and I constantly have to resize the files. In iOS there is a sign for the OS to show that the image is ...
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Is it possible to add more form requirements when asking questions?

I was curious to know if we could possibly add some form check boxes that can possibly ask a question and provide the option of yes or no such as: Does your question show your work of what you have ...
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Improving the badges

I think we can all agree that there should be a relation between the badges to indicate their significance, one such relation is the color (gold > silver > bronze) that is already implemented. ...
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