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Target downvotes: informations on my profile

In this question I would to know what are all, kindly, the links to get the informations on my profile. For example these are related on TeX.SE.Meta
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By mistake downvote instead of upvote

I was visiting the site via the app and there was a fine answer which deserved, in my opinion, an upvote. I have just been alerted (because of a drop in my rep points) that instead of upvoting I have ...
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Is it good form to comment on why you make a specific edit to a question?

In a recent question, a comment was made regarding why a question was altered. I thought the idea was productive and a great idea-another learning experience not easily given by a different question. ...
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What to do with tutorial requests? -- part II

As a sequel to my earlier question Changing how we handle low-effort and tutorial-on-demand questions, I'd like to ask some opinions on the current state of the site. In my humble opinion, low-effort ...
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How to improve this question?

How to tell Adobe Illustrator to use a font of a slightly different name? Got downvoted, so I must be doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what since the downvoter left no comments.
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Down voting answers provided

I am puzzled by down votes I get on some of my answers. The latest answer I provided got a down vote the reason for which totally eludes me. An earlier one got a down vote and the voter agreed that he/...
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Graphic Design meta needs to clarify in banner what is and is not welcome

I'm Ina. I've been a member of StackOverflow and StackExchange for about five years. It's been a great community to ask questions in, and to grow as an independent professional. When I found out ...
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Would you like the down-vote to be somehow commented or at least labeled?

I think it would be useful and clarifying; and may it be anonymous.