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Praise: Gotta love Open Sans

I just wanted to say that after a couple of days looking around, I'm loving the alterations to the type for the site. The alteration to the size slightly, the letter spacing and the use of Open Sans (...
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Moderator tools design issues and inconsistencies

I've noticed some design bugs and inconsistencies in the 10k moderator tools pages. The /tools/new-answers-old-questions page overflows its container: The /tools/suggested-edits page counter ...
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Accessibility issues with updated design

Firstly - congrats on the site launch! I love the clean style of it and soft colour scheme. However, this has raised some issues. Namely; most of the text fails accessibility colour contrast ratios. ...
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Redesign Request: ASK QUESTION Rollover / Hover State

The button for "ASK QUESTION" while appears to be working is incredibly subtle in my opinion. Not really a bug but if it could be a bit more obvious like when you rollover the tags I think it would be ...
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Review action bar alignment

The review action bar seems to have grown a bit... The "Skip" button is trying to escape too. It doesn't matter how many buttons there are, the bar sticks out of the page wrapping anyway (W8, FF 57.0....
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Do we have a custom "launched ad"?

I don't know if there's an official term for these, but I'm referring to the dynamically generated Stack Exchange site ads: I don't do a whole lot of browsing outside of our site, but I don't think I'...
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404 graphic is mis-aligned on main site

Edit: This was fixed on both sites and now seems to happen randomly. On Chrome, the portal 404 graphic is misaligned with the not found text. I'm pretty sure this is a bug not a design decision. The ...
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Design is on top of Code of Conduct announcement

The circle that was part of the background now overlaps the Code of Conduct like in the picture below: If this all seems very familiar that's because it's a near copy of a bug I reported before (...
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Own username by comments will sometimes cut off letters

I just noticed that my username (under this comment) cut off the bottom of the p and the g. I also saw it on another one The box only shows by a users own comments - meaning, you won't be able to ...
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Bug: Editing tags on a question in review queue causes tag pop-up box to be cut-off / hidden by the footer

I noticed this yesterday while editing but didn't have time to post it. It appears to be the same as this:
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Design bug in IE11 on Win8.1

I see a problem with the site rendering in IE11 (desktop) on my Windows 8.1 system. This doesn't affect IE 11 in Win 7, and doesn't apply to Chrome, FF, Safari or Opera on Win 8.1. Question page: ...
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Problems with the new mobile interface

Stackexhange just updated the mobile views. At first everything broke, but today the up and down vote started working. The main problem now is that if a post has wide images they dont scale to fit the ...
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Design Bug: irregular tag text alignment

Text within the "tag pill" design element have irregular baseline alignment, possibly related to question length line-wrap.
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Bug: Markdown output not rendering correctly

Using chrome and saw an edit pass through and it would appear when viewing rendered output it is not viewing correctly:
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