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Updates to the site

My name is Stéphane and I'm the designer at Stack Exchange who made the design of this site. You may have noticed some updates to the design lately. The updates are part of a SE network-wide update ...
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Bold and italic no longer possible to make

The use of bold and italic has lost its meaning in the main and meta site. You get text but bold and italic are no longer any different from the main text. This seems to be a bug! This should be ...
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Design bug in IE11 on Win8.1

I see a problem with the site rendering in IE11 (desktop) on my Windows 8.1 system. This doesn't affect IE 11 in Win 7, and doesn't apply to Chrome, FF, Safari or Opera on Win 8.1. Question page: ...
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UPDATED (March 14): Design for

I’m Stéphane, senior product designer at Stack Exchange. First, I wanted to congratulate you because this site is now starting the process of moving out of beta to become a fully-gradutated site! Well ...
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Open Sans font rendering issue in heading #3

At least on my computer the lower case i and j looks awkward and misleading in heading level number 3 (<h3> or ###). This means the following sample block #Every jack will find his jill. ##Every ...
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Praise: Gotta love Open Sans

I just wanted to say that after a couple of days looking around, I'm loving the alterations to the type for the site. The alteration to the size slightly, the letter spacing and the use of Open Sans (...
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New Beta Theme Launched

As you can see, GD.SE looks different today. We're launching a new Beta site theme design. The "Sketchy" theme will be retired. You can read more about the change on our blog. If you see any CSS and ...
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Community ad stats bar isn't hidden

The stats bar that shows when you hover over community ads should be completely hidden until hovered over, but you can still see half of the bar below the ad: The problem is that the space around ...
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Bugs: New site, five minor css oddities

1. Help centre. Very hard to read all those links on gray background: 2. Missing space on personal stat page: 3. Personal stat page; "accepted answer"-colour really hard to see 4. Buttons in ...
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Community bulletin can't quite fit "EVENT" on one line

There's a special EV EN T coming up, according to the Community Bulletin:
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The accepted answer and not accepted answer blips have quite similar color

The accepted answer blip and the not accepted answer blip (vote accepted on and vote accepted off) have quite the same color. To many who are not visually accurate very much like myself, it becomes ...
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Flags summary page styling

Right now our flag summary pages (this is mine) look something like this: There's a good amount of misalignment going on, from the vote count with the question title, to the flag reason and vote ...
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Question hyperlinks have a different font size than answer hyperlinks in the 10k mod tools page

On the 10k /tools page, question links have a larger font-size than answer links: They have different colors as well, but I'm not certain if that is by-design or not. Any link with class question-...
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Supernova styles missing?

I was viewing this page and noticed that one question with 187k views didn't look like it had that many views based on the coloring - it had the same color as questions with low views. Upon inspection ...
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Can we ask here a question about reviewing a logo or a banner etc ...?

I haven't found a definitive answer about this subject in the help section so I'm asking here : Can we ask a question that asks for reviewing a graphic design whether it is good or not ?
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Design is on top of top bar

The circle that was part of the background now overlaps the top bar like in the pictures below: This should be fixed, because it wasn't like this before.
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Question title cut off

This question's original title was: Proper way to "Link" 2 image frames together to create a thumbnail version of that image frame (that auto-updates) Which made it too wide for the width of a ...
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Is this just me, or is the site broken? [duplicate]

Part of the content is lost to the left side of the page. This is on IE.
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