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Canonical proposal - mockups

Per this meta I'm proposing to make this question a Canonical, so it can be used as a dupe hammer for similar questions like 'how do I mockup', 'free mockup tool', 'present photorealistic logo', etc. ...
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Should we have a canonical "Plexus Network" (polygon lines and dots) question & answer pair?

I've seen a number of repeated questions around the general Plexus Network topic, mostly of the "what is this called and how to make it?" variety, some specific to motion graphics like After Effects, ...
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Can we have a canonical "Adobe shortcuts" question?

I see frequently questions similar to "What's the shortcut for this in X" or How to add shortcut key in Illustrator. A lot of times it's either Illustrator / Photoshop / Indesign, and it's always the ...
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