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Are artificial intelligence answers permitted?

So I see a question.... I ask ChatGPT to answer it.... I copy/paste that answer here.... Problem?? Clearly if the answer is inaccurate other users will most likely vote accordingly. However, ...
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Unpinning the accepted answer from the top of the list of answers

Following up on this decision: Unpinning the accepted answer from the top of the list of answers Stack Exchange will be altering the way accepted answers work. Accepted answers will no longer have to ...
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What is our stance on low-quality answers?

Background A considerable portion of the flags handled by moderators include deletion flags on answers, i.e., not an answer or very low quality. (In case anybody is curious, this statistics does not ...
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Anchor position does not take top bar into account

Since a few days, it occurs to me that when I click a time tag to jump straight to a(n) (new) answer, that the position of the anchor is wrong. As in, the anchor does put the answer on top of my ...
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How to react if the OP requests the file with the answer content?

I had a particular issue and I did not know how to react. After answering a question satisfactorily and obtaining the OP's validity, the step by step wasn't enough for him and asks me to send him the ...
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Why is there a question with tags on freelance, business, clients on Graphic Design SE?

I read this question and found only comments posted. It was a definite “How do I run my business better” question with a wide range of comments. As I wrote it, I had to imagine how she got in that ...
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Should questions ask for softwarerec whose answers are about tutorial be edited to reflect the new tone?

What word processing tools that can work with complicate text boxing? This question initially asks for software-recommendation. But one and a half answers give tutorial for doing the task in Word. ...
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What to do about answers to requests for free work

We often close questions because they are "requests for free work". They're clearly not a good fit for the site and they benefit no one except the asker in the long run (or at all really). They should ...
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Are answers in images OK?

I've noticed a few recently... Answers that are completely within images. I'm not talking about an image of the result of the answer but an actual tutorial-type answer—text and multiple steps included—...
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Bug: <kbd> causing text overflow and cutoff on mobile site?

I just came across an answer that is overflowing my screen and is cutoff. It was fine before a recent edit in which the poster used the <kbd> formatting to markup some instructions. I suspect ...
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What is the most efficient way to create screenshots for answers on PC?

When replying to technical questions, I find that screenshots do the work so well for beginners. Then again, when I realize I should probably include screenshots to make my answer clearer, answering ...
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How could I have improved this answer and better answered the OP's question?

The fact that my answer to this question was down-voted twice really confuses me about the type of answer that is expected on GD. The Answer I did my very best to give the best answer that I could ...
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Questions asking multiple things

This question asking about two separate typefaces and the fonts that accompany them has two answers. Both of them answer a separate part of the question. I think that the answers need to be combined ...
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