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This tag is for questions specifically about the process of answering questions on the Graphic Design Stack Exchange site.

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How am I supposed to answer the wrong question?

Every now and then a very leading and/or a overly specific question gets asked. Note that this doesn't make the question bad nor a bad fit for our site. There are two ways for us, as answer-ers, to ...
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What is the community's stance on inserting Google Search queries in answers?

Lately, I've seen hyperlinks inserted in answers (example here) that suggest a Google Search query to a user. While I think there is some value in providing the terminology a novice should use to find ...
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Answering questions which otherwise get flagged

I'm new to the site and I really enjoy it. I like teaching and I have a fair amount of graphic design experience. My question is general and it's about the question and answer system here on GDSE: ...
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Answering questions with solutions from alternative software if solutions are not specific to a given program

Sometimes I come across questions on general issues with using graphics software that are tagged photoshop, illustrator, or mention these applciations in the question body, However, solutions to the ...
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Is it bad to answer old questions?

When looking through the questions I saw one which was edited by community, I read somewhere that community bot does this to bring attention to old unanswered questions I always thought it was bad to ...
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