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What to do with tutorial requests? -- part II

As a sequel to my earlier question Changing how we handle low-effort and tutorial-on-demand questions, I'd like to ask some opinions on the current state of the site. In my humble opinion, low-effort ...
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What are the requirements for font identification questions?

I have a font that I would like help identifying. How should I construct my question to fit within this site's format?
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A list of 'snippets' for commenting

Several active users are making a terrific effort in welcoming new people, asking for clarification and pointing out issues in question-asking. I've seen a lot of these snippets in the comment section,...
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What are the guidelines for asking for a critique of my work?

I'd like to ask a critique question for my design. How can I do that so that it fits the Stack Exchange format without being too subjective?
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Do we want 3D experts to be part of our community?

To give this question a fresh start: We define ourselves as a community of graphic designers. The question I ask here is: Does this include 3D experts? More specifically, by 3D expert, I mean people ...
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Community Promotion Ads — 2019 [duplicate]

2019 is here! And with the new year, as usual, comes a new iteration of Community Promotion Ads! Let’s refresh these for the coming year :) What are Community Promotion Ads? Community Promotion Ads ...
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What are the requirements for style identification questions?

I would like help identifying a design style. How should I construct my question to fit within this site's format?
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Revisiting closure, part 3.2: Drawing the line for code

There is considerable dispute about when questions about code should be closed. As far as I can see, this mostly applies to questions about HTML, CSS, or similar and not to questions about scripting ...
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PSA: Please use “No Action Needed” only as a last resort in review

TL;DR: If No Action Needed is your favourite choice when reviewing first posts and late answers, you need to focus more on the quality of your reviews. In the last 30 days, 477 reviews of first posts ...
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How should the canned comments in the low-quality queue be used?

When I review answers in the low-quality queue and choose Delete or Recommend Deletion, respectively, I can choose from a series of comments or No comment needed. What effect do they have and when ...
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Revisiting closure, part 3.1: Drawing the line for tech support

TL;DR Read the suggestion. If you agree with it, upvote. Otherwise, downvote and complain or suggest amendments in an answer. Preface I thought a bit about how to discuss tech support once more ...
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What are our current policies and guidelines for closing questions?

I can cast close votes and perform close and reopen reviews. What are the current community policies for this and are some rules of thumb that can help me make a decision? This is primarily intended ...
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How should we deal with multiple questions per question?

In particular new users sometimes ask a question that contains multiple subquestions which are better off as separate questions. How can we identify when such a question is too broad? How should ...