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Why do how-to requests bother you?

I'd like to supplement the current discussion a bit with one of my own: For those that are bothered by how-to requests: Why do they bother you? Please try to be honest and specific. It doesn't need ...
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Changing how we handle low-effort and tutorial-on-demand questions

I have concluded that the answer to my earlier meta question about closing questions is 'yes, we are closing too many questions'. Anyone who has seen the Close Vote queue lately will agree that a lot ...
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I'm struggling to figure out why people vote the way they do regarding Opinion / Too Broad

Stack Overflow has never been against subjective questions: Good Subjective, Bad Subjective Yet it seems certain members are frequently close voting or commenting that things either Too Broad or ...
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How should we rephrase "no ultra simple questions" into the FAQ?

I really like the idea of the (probable) future introduction of "General reference" flag. Especially the last note is gold: Allow your Q&A community to fill itself with enough “General ...
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2019 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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Why the upvotes?

I realize I may be a bit less forgiving than others. However, I'd like to ask why some questions are getting so many up votes? Questions which are litterally.... How do I do this in [ApplicationX]? [...
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A Critique, a Dupe and a Tech Support walk into a bar

The Critique walks in wondering how to better balance its life. The Bartender says sorry, that's a matter of opinion and I don't think I can help you. The Dupe walks into a bar and asks what is ...
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A review of Critique questions (July 2018)

These two meta posts have been our principles on Critique questions we will allow. Guidelines for critique questions What are the guidelines for asking for a critique of my work? Members of the ...
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Area51 Proposal: Beginner Graphic Design Stack Exchange (working title)

How do we reduce tutorial-on-demand and basic/beginner questions? Answer: We push them to Beginner Graphic Design SE (working title) Our Motto: We teach them how to fish instead of giving them a ...
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How to deal with "What is this effect called and where can I find a tutorial?"

There seem to be many questions in this form, which I think tend to indicate that the questioner hasn't found a canned tutorial within a few seconds of trying Google, and wants further research done ...
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Where do we draw the line on tutorial based questions and what is acceptable?

We've discussed this topic lately and within the last couple of months another meta post, What to do with tutorial requests? — part II. The top upvoted and accepted answer encourages to allow them. ...
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Please put more love into reviewing

Summary The quality of reviews has become very low for some reviewers. Please put more love into your review to increase the quality of the site and save the time of others. What do you want us to ...
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