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Is Generative Art and Data Visualization covered here? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Proposal to update the FAQ I recently asked about Generative Art and was able to find my own answer. It was perhaps not design specific enough of a question. That was "Is ...
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Where is this site going?

I've stopped contributing to the site as much as I was previously as I could have found myself writing incredibly specific tutorials for individual people. I'm not sure that's right. If I wanted to ...
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How should we rephrase "no ultra simple questions" into the FAQ?

I really like the idea of the (probable) future introduction of "General reference" flag. Especially the last note is gold: Allow your Q&A community to fill itself with enough “General ...
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Who are we talking to, and what are we offering?

Two questions, perhaps, but so interrelated that I don't see a meaningful way to prize them apart. There are several discussions in meta concerning the scope of GD.SE, whether it should be expanded, ...
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Should we consider "how to visually represent..." questions on-topic?

It has been mentioned in chat that we could, maybe, re-consider including some of brainstorming / discussion questions to the scope, as they are richer than font-identification or troubleshooting ones....
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Update FAQ to disallow general brainstorming and idea gathering?

We have been recently inundated with general idea-gathering questions, generally about coming up with a logo, specifically looking for "an idea:" Where do I start Where should i write company name ...
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Mod Request: Update the Help Center and On-Topic Pages

I see these: New “Help Center” is Live! Proposal to update the FAQ But the actual On-Topic has: This includes questions about: Graphic arts theory and history; "Why" we do what we do and ...
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Update FAQ to better define "What kind of questions..."?

Ok, Flavius asked this question: I think there's a good question in there, but ...
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Is it acceptable to ask the community is they feel that a certain design looks really bad?

I was browsing a book earlier this morning and I stumbled upon a piece of code (for a gradient) that is supposed to take one step closer to looking like something that might be found in the real world....
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Are modelling questions on-topic?

I've got some questions regarding modelling in maya and wanted to know if this is the right SE site?
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