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Please put more love into reviewing

Summary The quality of reviews has become very low for some reviewers. Please put more love into your review to increase the quality of the site and save the time of others. What do you want us to ...
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Should old question that are no longer in scope be closed?

I've noticed this a few times recently. As an example, this question: Can anyone tell me what this sans serif font is? has been flagged as off-topic (and has as of writing this 1 close vote). The ...
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Ensure that guidelines for critique and font-identification questions (and similar) are highly visible to new users

The more often important guidelines are mentioned and linked, the more likely a new user is to read them before posting a question, which in turn makes it much more likely that the user actually ...
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Are there guidelines for specific question types or references to review before asking a question?

Is there a list of Frequently Asked Questions or common guideline questions which users can refer to with ease?
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Optimising the second and third custom close reasons

A few months ago, the description of the second custom close reason was fixed in this question as: Your question appears to be incomplete. More detail is needed for relevant and focused answers to be ...
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Live webfont identification

I've noticed that quite often, font identification requests are live web fonts. Since it's very easy to Inspect them and to get the "font-family" css, I was thinking that adding a paragraph to this ...
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Why not require more keyword injection for font identification questions

In my opinion, font identification are quite useless for this site. I know you discussed all this before. I'm basing this on the fact they can (almost) only be useful with a google image search, and ...
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Help center page links to redirects with HTTP errors

In the help center for Graphics Design, the highly visible page What topics can I ask about here? has some broken links. It says For some kinds of questions that are a weird fit for our Q&A ...
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