Simple request for help getting a potentially very good question from a new user over the line and undeleted:

What factors make a campaign go viral? (formerly "Viral campaign?")

The original wording sounded like a request for brainstorming so I commented asking for clarification about the underlying problem - unfortunately, the only other feedback the user got was a downvote and nothing else, and they deleted their question, presumably with a bad first impression of our site.

Their comment made it clear what the question was about, and it sounds like a really interesting question, so I edited it to be SE-friendly and voted to undelete, but I need a few more votes.

Seems to me like a classic case of someone with a good, very interesting question (how to judge how potentially "viral" your work is) not finding it easy to adapt to our site's way of doing things.


Kudos on the editing and on coming to meta to get more attention to it! Just so this doesn't remain as an unanswered question:

Question has now been reopened.

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