Can we either:

  1. Re-order the "it has invalid flags" in the list? Or
  2. Re-word it so it stands out? "Mark flag as Invalid"
  3. Perhaps give it a color treatment to make it stand out from the rest since it is a very different operation.

enter image description here

I only just now noticed that it was an option among the others. I've been trying to figure out how to disagree with a flag.

Yes, I know reading is fundamental, SMH. I do think at the least an additional treatment to the option like color or something would help.

Of course, now that I know it's there, maybe this is a moot point.

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    Consider this flagged. – Scott Mar 10 '14 at 16:09

I agree. I had to ask in the chat about how to disagree with flag one time and still forget its there.

It should really be at the bottom with different treatment.


Perhaps better wording might be

I am flagging this answer because...

  • I disagree with existing flags

or something a little less subjective like

  • the existing flags are wrong
  • it has been invalidly flagged

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