I found a font recently and I really like it, but the numbers in the font don't look right, so I was wondering if I could post a question about either finding a font that looks the same but has numbers that fit in better with the alphanumeric characters or how I might go about editing the font to make the numbers look the way I like.

Is such a question appropriate? I intend to mention the name of the font, include screenshots of it and describe what I want to use it for.

I feel that it's not necessarily a question about graphic design but it's likely to be something that graphics designers would be able to help with.

I don't want to identify the font, I'm looking for a similar font or even the same font but with different numeric characters.

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We accept (and encourage!) questions about typography in general, so yours would be a good fit (as long as you describe what your issue / goal is).

These are some examples of similar questions:

So feel free to ask :)

  • I would add that unless the rights allow alteration, any suggestions for editing the font must be purely hypothetical. Creating a derivative work from a copyright source is not permitted in most jurisdictions. Aug 17, 2013 at 17:34

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