Per this question it was closed for off topic but the concept behind Adobe software should be similar to solve since he was requesting a mask. Also what is our take on After Effects? Do we allow after effects question?

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I don't think so, there is already a site where this is on topic:

Audio-Video Production http://cdn.sstatic.net/avp/img/logo.png

Regarding the question in question: I spoke with the AVP mods and two of them said it would be on topic. However, it turns out that Morgan had already re-posted his question to AVP anyway:

Q: How to make the rest of the mask transparent in Premier Pro CS6?

avatar I'm trying to highlight a part of my video. Since I'm totally new to video editing on Premier Pro - I'm not sure if this is the best way of doing that, but I'm using masks. I have a title sitting in video 2 row, in it a have a rectangular mask (100% opacity) I then apply a Track Matte Key eff...


No. There is a site for video editing, and we don't want to take on video production in general.

I don't know enough about After Effects to decide anything on that.

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