Prerequisite reading material: Do we still feel like 3D questions are out of scope here?

We should be a little more explicit about what kinds of 3D questions will be allowed. I think @stephencosh had a good thought on that:

I think 3D questions that relate to graphic design should be allowed, but I think 3D questions that relate to animation and movies etc should not be allowed.

It wouldn't hurt to re-open some of the 3D questions that were closed for being off-topic. Here's a list of all closed or questions, but they don't all necessarily all need to be re-opened. We can apply our criteria to these questions.

Since there are only (as of this writing) 29 on that list, I'll just itemize and categorize them here:


Needs Improvement


Now, before you crucify me and tell me how wrong I am, please note this is just an initial suggestion. Feel free to weigh in!

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    Thank you for covering this topic. Excellent work on researching past questions and bringing attention to them. I am ecstatic that 3D questions are back in scope here. I had made an attempt to re-open the 3D Graphics Proposal before this change was made.
    – ckpepper02
    Commented May 21, 2013 at 17:23

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Excellent list, John. You've done an amazing job.

I think most of these (specially in the decent list) should definitely be re-opened, so I'll start with that. As you mentioned, we should go little by little so we don't overwhelm the site with 3D.

Something we also talked about in chat and would like to mention here is that I'd be pleased to add bounties to the questions that could use some attention. Once we have some more things going on we can invite the people from the old 3D proposal :)

I've created a post in the CG proposal inviting people to give us a hand / join GD.SE.


I'll echo Yisela here: thank you for an excellent compilation. It helps greatly to see a collection of these questions in one place.

Here's what I think it boils down to:

  • Many of the questions (especially on your "Hopeless" list) are just bad questions. It wouldn't matter what the topic was.

  • Others are LMGTFY invitations, not enough effort (like doing a decent tutorial or reading the Help file), or technical support questions better handled on SU or by an actual tech support request.

  • A few are legitimate questions that relate to 3D design and its tools. The first four on your "Decent" list are undeniably graphic design questions.

This is a great resource to push the discussion forward.

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