I want to sell my graphics on t-shirts, and I have some questions to the experts because I never did anything similar before: 1) Which material of t-shirt I should sell that has good quality? 2) What would be a good quantity should I start to produce to test the market (for S, M, X and XL for man)? 3) What would be an acceptable cost price for mailing the t-shirt?

or another example:

I decided to be a freelancer, and I found a company that wants to buy my service, but I have no idea on what to insert on the contract (delivery, payments, what the clients has to do, decisional responsibility, extra costs [like calls, going to the clients, etc..] etc...), anyone has good examples or link to resources where I can start to put together one for myself?

Can be asked? or are we gonna be more technical kind of community?

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I'd say the first example is off-topic.

One could ask "Which t-shirt material is best for [type of print]?"; and also questions related to the preparation of the graphic for print should be considered on-topic.

Second example's scope is partially being defined in Are licensing questions wanted? question. Overall I think biz questions are considered on-topic if and only if they are:

  • obviously designer-related
  • not too localized

Startup questions probably should go to OnStartups.

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    "Too localized" is tricky. A qn that is localised to a design hub city like New York or Amsterdam should be OK, I think. Commented Jan 11, 2011 at 7:10

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