I posted a question at stats.se over a week ago (April 22 2013) about communicating database structure to a non-technical audience. It remains unanswered with multiple upvotes.

I suspect that it would be off topic here as a "brainstorming / idea gathering" question. But before missing out on the opportunity to tap this community for ideas, I would like to confirm my suspicion.

update: I have revised and reposted the question on this site: How can I show a database graphically?


and welcome to GD.SE :)

Your question reminds me of this other one we had here in the site. I'd save the term brainstorming for something more in the lines of "How can I represent 'nnn' in an icon?". In this case, it would be a graphical representation of a database. "How can I show a database graphically", or similar.

If you present it in a way that is broad enough to be potentially helpful for other people, I think it would be a great question for GD.SE.


I agree with Yisela. If it's worded in a manner which gains solutions to a specific issue rather than merely opinions, it could be very helpful to others.

"How can I show a database graphically" or similar seems on topic to me.

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