I want to know whether Unicode has a symbol for synchronization, which is usually two arrows following each other in a circle. These symbols ↷⎋⇄⟲☯♻ are the closest I could find. Not found on http://shapecatcher.com

I am afraid the question will be closed per Let's play the guessing game, even though I believe it would be searchable, and thus useful to many other people.

So, on-topic, off-topic, better on another site, or a plainly bad question?

Stack Overflow has similar questions but is not welcoming them.

UPDATE: Posted Unicode character that conveys 'synchronization'?

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I wouldn't consider either on-topic or off-topic. It is very specific, and it can have an element of opinion, but I think it's still valid and might of help for other people.

I would however rephrase it more in the lines of

Is there a Unicode character consisting of two arrows in a circle, or similar character that could convey 'synchronization'?

Very similar to John's suggestion, but focusing more on the graphics rather than the possible 'subjective' elements.


I wouldn't consider this off topic, though I might word it slightly different:

Which Unicode character can be used to convey 'synchronization'?

This way it's less of a yes or no question and more of a subjective question. A similar question was asked about a year ago: What symbol indicates a reference to another page?

As a side-note: some of those characters don't show up for me: enter image description here (Chrome/Windows 7)

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