There are already quite a few question asking for resources, which basically ask for links:

Should they be regular questions or community wikis, with one resource/answer?

(I tried a different approach in the filigree question, where I started a community wiki -answer to a regular question)

Should they (ever) be marked as "answered"?

Where should we draw the line; e.g. if someone would've asked for vector stock resources, should a question asking for filigree vectors be closed and pointed to the vector stock question?

I know one can't mark their question as a community wiki, but needs to flag it for moderator attention.

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I vote to mark them as community wiki and let the threads fall where they may. Broad or subjective does not always equal bad.

  • Only admins can make questions community wiki these days
    – Casebash
    Apr 7, 2012 at 0:42

Some amount of "List of X" questions is bound to pop up, and it's not a bad thing IMO because the community pours all its current knowledge of "where to get xyz" into them.

As long as they don't become too subjective or too esoteric, I am in favour of letting them live as Community Wiki.

Related discussion on Meta.SO: Should we have a “List of X” close reason?


Yes. Discussion is always good. If we limit discussion, discussion may die down slowly in the future and SE GD might get closed.

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