Many apologies if this is unmannerly, but I don't know how else to request a bounty on Why isn't the 'Map Colors' fixup changing text colors? Thank you.

The snag now is that Dietrich von Seggern commented

The Profile that you have sent uses wrong input color (other than in your initial screenshot): C97 M55 Y28 K7 instead of C99 M98 Y18 K6. When I modify your profiles values it works as expected.

But I don't see and never input 'C97 M55 Y28 K7' at all! I input "C99 M98 Y18 K6" as you can see in my screenshot


First off, a bounty is an amount of reputation that a user offers out of their own reputation. So yes, in my humble opinion, asking someone else to do that is a bit, as you call it, unmannerly. Since you are just a few reputation points away from being able to bounty your own reputation, I'd say try and give a decent-ish answer somewhere, get an upvote, and take matters in your own hands.

What do you hope to achieve with the bounty? If it's specifically Dietrich's attention, I don't think a bounty's going to help. Judging by their profile, they haven't been around for over half a year now and bountying a question they once answered is not going to pop up any notifications that I know of.

Sorry for sounding kind of harsh, that isn't my intention. I read your question and if I knew the answer I'd've helped you then and there.

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