So I just ran into this question in which OP is asking which aspects of design his work is lacking: Never studied Design, but work in design, where/how can I catch up on the things I missed

My issue with this is it's very difficult to answer the question without seeing OP's work as a whole and I think there is value in answering questions like this so long as we have the proper information. Currently the question is still up with 4 close votes (2 for too broad, 2 for opinion-based). I was about to suggest to the OP to supply examples of his work for a more general critique. I think this would be completely answerable and not that subjective. I don't recall ever seeing critique questions on whole portfolios of work though. Would our standard guidelines for critique be applicable for this situation?

  • I think the question you linked to is asking for an education in design.. and can't be effectively answered by anything short of at least a 6 week course. :)
    – Scott
    Sep 13 '19 at 19:21

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