I answered the question below today and I'm thinking it would be easier to find if the title was something more generic, related to the possibility of copying multiple rotations in a symmetrical fashion or creating a logarithmic pattern. I think it's really useful knowledge but I'm worried about changing the question around too much. What are best practices?

Mesh Fabric Design in Ai (Method and Possible way of Approaching)

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In addition to not changing the meaning of the post as Ryan said, we should also keep in mind a couple of things:

  1. People don't like other people changing their posts very much. Make sure that any edits you make actually add to the question and don't change the intention of the author. If you're not sure that what you might change it to is what the OP is searching for, leave a comment asking them or, if no one responds, ask in chat. If your edits are mostly superfluous, some people might get upset that you felt the need to edit it.

  2. They asked the question in that way, which likely means that others will ask in the same way at least part of the time. Sometimes editing a title can really help people find a post. We want to make sure as best as we can that the title change really is more findable.

In the case you brought up in the question, I think the title change is likely a good thing.


Edit away. As long as you don't change the meaning of the post it should be fine. In fact we've had a few people make meta posts requesting more people help to edit the question titles.

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