As part of the ongoing efforts to better our little piece of the vast universe I intend to update the "How To Ask"

This is our current, and default, how to ask blurb:

enter image description here

Here is one of the custom versions of it. This is from the Hardware Recommendation StackExchange:

enter image description here

For the record, the second box in ours as best I can tell is a Bug. If a Community Manager will allow us to add stuff there I'm all for it, but assume we're only looking at the top box.

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I've reworded Ryan's points a bit.

I've left out the extra header, AFAIK the "How To Ask" can't be changed and having two headers feels a bit redundant to me.

I've left out the last point. I can't think of a way to word it and not sound like a douche, and I don't think this is the right place to take issue with these questions; as I said here, I think we need to come up with some clear guidelines first (it's on my todo list).


How To Ask

For more help, please see What topics can I ask about here? and What types of questions should I avoid asking?

If your question is about this website, ask it on meta instead.

  • condensed it down (removed the photo since it no longer matched the copy)
    – Ryan
    Commented Jun 13, 2017 at 11:16

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