I've noticed that quite often, font identification requests are live web fonts.
Since it's very easy to Inspect them and to get the "font-family" css, I was thinking that adding a paragraph to this Post about webfont inspection could be helpful.


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I've updated the font-id requirements to include this:

If the font is on a live webpage, try to identify it using the methods described here:

That Q&A includes an explanation of using the browser's inspector as well as a couple of other methods (extensions etc.) so is a good resource I think.

  • Minor note: webpages don't have to be "live" in the online sense for that question talks about. It could be an offline file. I feel like using "live" is misleading Apr 22, 2017 at 0:24
  • @Zach good point (in that case they'd of course already have the font, but if they don't know how to check what the font is I guess that doesn't change anything). I think the important distinction is that it's live text rather than say an image of text... I'll see if I can reword it a bit better later
    – Cai
    Apr 22, 2017 at 9:47

I'm rather sure it would! Ideally, you'd like to have this tip mentioned in the closing message, but that one is already very cramped (the length of close messages is limited).

  • 3
    What do you think about including a link to this in the requirements post?
    – Cai
    Apr 21, 2017 at 12:49

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