I am wondering whether questions regarding certain aspects of the actual physical production of a graphic design product are suited to be asked on GDSE.

By that I not merely mean print production - which I would consider to be inherently part of the design process of a print product rather than considering the graphic designer's job to end when the file is sent and the computer turned off - but also other material production aspects such as book binding.

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YES. If the graphic design is intended for print, then details of print production are entirely relevant. To generalize, yes, ditto for any other kind of production.

I am both a graphic designer and a printer; I cannot tell you how often we receive "print-ready" artwork from 3rd-party graphic designers who have no concept of print production, esp. bindery.

To clarify: It is the responsibility of the designer, and a mandatory part of any design, to conform with specifications and conditions that the design will be used in or subject to.


I don't see why they would be off-topic and I would welcome questions like these! Not that I could answer, but curious to learn!

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    More questions on these topics would potentially give me more of a foothold to be active on gd.se.
    – BESW
    Mar 23, 2017 at 22:40

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