I have four tags favorited and about eight or nine ignored. For example, is ignored because I don't use it. The problem I'm finding is that if someone posts a question tagged with multiple tags—and one of those tags is something I've ignored—the question gets greyed out even if there are tags I am interested in. For a random example, here's a post tagged with that has nothing to do with Gimp, really: Is it easy to convert an image to a cartoon with high quality?

My feature request would be to allow favorite tags to trump ignored tags, if the user so wished (for example, the fact that the above question was tagged would highlight the post in my list, despite the fact it was also tagged ).


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It's worth noting that both favorite and ignored styles are applied, so you get the background color from the favorite and the lowered opacity from the ignored tag.

You can override the style with a user stylesheet easily enough (if you don't know how, Google "[your browser] user stylesheet". On Chrome you can use something like Stylish, I believe most other browsers can do it with no extensions).

This'll do it:

.tagged-ignored.tagged-interesting {
    opacity: 1 !important;

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