Can we just get rid of style identification questions?

Nearly all of them are post some image with no title or text asking for a style that may or may not even be something classifiable. There's simply too many permutations and styles for us to identify and the vast majority of these questions are incredibly low quality.

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There are now some style-identification guidelines that have been made to improve the quality of these types of questions. It would be nice if we would close ones not following these guidelines but leave open others, as I believe they are valid for the reasons that John mentions.


The close reason for font identification and critiques now includes the above Style Identification.

  • Thanks for pointing this out Zach. Just updated the close reason
    – Ryan
    Commented Jul 20, 2016 at 13:24

I'm always hesitant to prune scope just because it attracts low quality questions. This tag isn't all bad.

I do agree this is a problem, but I don't agree with just outright nuking. This problem you're identifying is far from exclusive to questions. We've all seen it over and over again with Photoshop or Illustration questions, e.g. "How can I create this effect?" with maybe a couple images of what they're trying to do and what they've already done.

Instead, I would propose generic guidelines on how to write a quality post that can effectively be searched for. We don't need a close reason for this, this is what downvoting is for. A downvote and a constructive comment would work just fine.

"Hello, I've downvoted your post because it could use some serious improvement. Please consult these tips for guidance on how it could be improved. Specifically, your title is very generic; you should aim for it to be unique to the problem you're trying to solve."


It would be much better in my opinion to just get rid of the tag, close all questions of the type. If someone attempts to make something in the style THEY Identified then they can ask about their attempt and what might be off.

For example:

Bad Question

Guess what's in each one? Oh, you can't! Its an image, with little to no text, so we can't sort it, hard to remember for when the style turns up again, and little use to anyone.

The person needs to describe what the image is, in detail, and if they can do that then they can put it into a search engine themselves to find. In my opinion these questions (and Font Identification questions) should be closed.

If the person attempts to create one of the images in the said style and its not coming out then they can ask for help nailing the style. That's an interesting question.

This is getting old though between people posting ticker tape fonts for the umpteenth time asking us to identify some minute variation, or someone posting the an image of some generic illustration / graphic and asking us to classify it.

Let 'em burn, let 'em all burn

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    IMO we should close questions like the ones you link as unclear (because we don't know exactly what in the image they are referencing) and comment with some requirements for this type of question Commented Feb 19, 2016 at 18:58

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