I might be making this up. But it seems that comments are disappearing here and there. I assume that they're just not up to snuff, but I haven't noticed other SE sites just deleting comments outright. (again, though, I might be dreaming this too...I've been known to not always pay attention ;)

  • I do this on UX as I peruse closed/old questions when there's no longer relevant comments
    – Ben Brocka
    Apr 27, 2012 at 18:28

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I think this is my fault.

In general, comments can be removed for several reasons. The bigger sites tend to be more strict about this but we don't do a lot of comment pruning here.

Typical reasons for removal:

  • Rude or offensive
    We really don't get comments that fall under this banner (or at least I haven't seen any).

  • Not constructive / off-topic
    I've deleted 2 comments for this reason:

    1. A comment asking mods to clean up a comment thread. There really wasn't a reason to clean up the thread so I deleted his comment to avoid other mods wasting their time on it.
    2. A comment suggesting that another user was trolling. I did some research and found this assertion to be unsupported1 so I deleted it as noise.
  • Obsolete
    I've deleted several comments in this category. If a comment references content that is no longer in the question/answer, it is usually removed to avoid confusion.

  • Too chatty
    We have many comments that fit this description, but we're a growing community so I don't see a problem leaving them.

So yes, comments have been deleted. It's fairly rare, but comments get deleted when they distract from the real content.

1 The only "evidence" of trolling was the question asker's display name. However, the question content gave no indication of trolling; the user has accounts on other SE sites with many questions and answers and no evident instances of trolling; and the display name in question is a common dictionary word with no offensive meaning.

  • Ah. Gotcha. I may not agree, but you have a valid argument for doing so.
    – DA01
    Feb 29, 2012 at 16:19

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