Is the use of a QR code worth the space it requires?

To be clear I like the above question as a question. I'm just not sure its a good fit for our website.

Other topics in the tag appear more design focused to me:

The above two seem okay to me. The QR one, to me, has nothing to do with design though. It's not asking about how to put a QR code onto a design, how to design around a QR code, or anything really design oriented. Its basically asking what the benefits of a QR code is. I think that's a fundamental difference.

I like Scott's QR question, I'm just not sure its a good fit for our site. Where do we draw the line on Marketing questions?

I do hope others might join me in following Area51: Marketing

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I can see your point. However consider this....

The QR question is related to the display of information and how that information is conveyed to a reader. Is that not design?

While it certainly skirts the line between marketing and design, the question as I see it, leans more towards design because I'm asking about the use of information in visual terms. If I were to ask how to track QR data, collect scan rates, utilize data in a web site, etc then it would be more on the marketing side.

It's no different than asking "Should I use all cap type for a headline?" While yes, there is some marketing impact, the core of the question is about the visuals, not the data return and I think that makes the difference.

  • This here is the right way to look at it.
    – joojaa
    Commented Jul 30, 2015 at 11:19

I do think it is an okay question, but just in this case. I do agree that not every 'is XXX a good idea' question should stay here.

QR codes, however, are a commonly recurring issue in design and marketing. Designers tend to hate them, clients tend to love them. There's lots of discussion about this issue in Designer-land. Hence, I do think this a useful question to stay, even if it's an exception to the rules I'd like to see enforced.

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    What is the "common issue" though and how does Scott's question address it?
    – Ryan
    Commented Jul 29, 2015 at 13:13

For me, I like marketing, but I also like structure. I think the QR question needs to be closed. It has nothing to do with design in its current form. Just adding on, "..in design?" doesn't make it a design question.

This would be an example of a Design Barcode question:

Design Considerations for a custom UPC code

There is no mistake that it is a design question.

I just don't see that in the aforementioned Marketing Question. If it were asking how large a QR code should be, how to seamlessly integrate it into a design, anything design related, then I'd say leave it. But right now I think it should be closed until it can be reworded at least.

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