When looking through the questions I saw one which was edited by community, I read somewhere that community bot does this to bring attention to old unanswered questions I always thought it was bad to answer questions that aren't that recent.

Is there a cutoff point where you shouldn't answer a question? Or is it still good to answer a year old question?

  • Yes! We always want more good, relevant content. If the answers aren't sufficient or are outdated please do give a quality answer! Feb 20, 2015 at 0:14
  • To add to the existing answers: There are badges (Revival and Necromancer) for giving good answers to old questions for a reason.
    – Wrzlprmft Mod
    Feb 21, 2015 at 9:50

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By all means.. answer anything and everything if you can. Don't even look at dates :)

Questions get bumped for a number of reasons. I think the only "annoying" reason is when some random person posts a "thank you" as an answer. Other than that... I wouldn't worry about bumping anything.

While old questions have a far greater chance that the user will never return to mark something correct.... Google still finds the question and answers could still benefit any number of people searching for a solution.


If you have an answer to a question that adds quality to the question by all means provide an answer. There is no time length on answering questions. We do frown upon reviving old questions with a crappy answer and usually people adding answers to an old question are either new, one line answers, or spam aka link only answers.

Community will bump a question that has answers if the answer have no up votes or if the question only has one answer that is not accepted.

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